2018  Moke Electric 

New 2018 Black and Red Moke Electric Vehicle, with a 4 inch lift!

Lifted 2018 Moke Electric

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SKU# MEC-22885

Introducing Moke America: A 20th-century collectible car reinvented with 21st-century green-friendly electric power, available exclusively in the USA. The eMoke is far from a museum piece, however. This electric car is versatile, carbon-free and efficient. And this upgraded version has more—more legroom, expanded trunk space, a sound system and sex appeal. The Moke stays true to its roots while keeping its headlights on the future.

This is a brand new Black 2018 Electric Moke 60-Volt with removable Black Bimini top, and it features a custom 4" lift! CKDs is first to commercially market lifted Mokes!  Months in design, the end result is a USA-made performance lift with no sacrifice in ride quality (depending on the tires selected, of course.) Not only does the lift add a more aggressive stance to the vehicle, but it provides more speed with larger tires! We've installed 14" Gloss Black sport wheels with 25X10-R14 Maxxis Ceros radial tires. These tires are taller and wider with a beefier footprint to better handle surfaces like beach sand, etc. Did we mention that they also look mean?  :>)

6-Volt AGM batteries, onboard charger, zero emissions, full charge in 8 hours, 25 mph and up to 40 miles on a charge.  The Moke is easy to drive and fully customizable.  It has front wheel drive, front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, Bluetooth stereo, seat belts on all seats, DOT approved windshield, windshield wipers, adjustable seats, trunk space, parking brake, and blackout package which includes black bumpers and black wheels. We've also added a red roll bar and red grill options to this car to set it apart from the others!

The Electric Moke is street legal! It's classified as a Low Speed Vehicle, and has a maximum speed of 25 MPH. It comes with a manufacturer's certificate of origin and you can register it as a Low Speed Vehicle or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle.

Mokes are available in 8 different colors (Blue Red, Pink, Black, White, Green, Yellow, Orange and Camo.) We have Mokes in stock like this one, but if you want a different color than what we have, it takes 90 days from the day you customize and order your car (with deposit) to delivery. During this time, you will receive regular progress reports as your car is being built. The Moke comes with a 1 year limited warranty, and there may be a tax credit available in your area!

We can add any or all of the following to this car to customize it further for you: a bumping Wetsounds or Sony or Powerbass stereo system, off-road style LED light bars, 12 volt outlet and dual USB charging ports, or anything else you can think of!


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