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2017 Garia Via demo in Metallic Sapphire Blue with Walnut seating

2016 Garia Via - Demo
Battery Powered

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(Note -  various Garia cars are available for demo drives)

Here is your chance to own or demo this exciting 2016 luxury, street legal, golf vehicle  - the Garia Via in Metallic Sapphire Blue with Walnut Sport Seats. For those of you who are a George Strait fan (who isn't?!) he is the "Ambassador" for Garia and he actually filmed the commercial for Garia in this golf cart! (We wish he would have signed it!)

The car comes with Walnut colored hand-stitched Sport seats, 12" silver wheels with low profile tires, built-in refrigerator, heated windshield, windshield washer/wiper, premium gauge cluster (includes speedometer, hour meter, battery indicator and odometer), unique key, two storage compartments in dashboard, on board charger with charging cable, 12 volt power point, battery fill system, automotive style shocks and springs, hazard lights, LED dome light, sports steering wheel with hand-sewn black leather, Double cup holders in each side with rubber grip inserts, fit regular and extra large bottles and cans, golf ball and tee holders, air scoop in the roof, rear view and side view mirrors, new Trojan batteries, under-seat storage, storage under the front hood, split folding windshield with magnetic tabs to hold it in place, waste bin (or Champagne bucket), cup holders, dual golf bag holder, Speed Switch (14 mph Golf Mode and 25 mph Sport Mode), Deluxe light pack (headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turning signals, parking lights and high beam), seat belts, horn, side mirrors (not shown but installed), and rear mud guards.

Made in Denmark with a unique combination of quality, performance, versatility and elegance, the Garia Via is the ideal luxury vehicle for golf, leisure and street use. Take the Garia Via straight from the golf course to your favorite shop or cafe. Street legal in the United States (most municipalities), the Garia Via is ideal for town or city short commutes. 

Additional features: With the largest cabin in its class, the Garia is designed for comfort. Fitted with features such as a refrigerator option, golf ball and tee holders, roof air scoop, waste bin, upholders and a charging port for your devices, everything you need is at your fingertips. --Built to last, our vehicles are made of only the highest quality materials. Standard features include aluminum rims, glass windshields, and hand-stitched seats. --Our vehicles provide lockable storage space for your belongings, so your personal items can remain safe and secure.

Warranty: Basic 36 month Limited Warranty (on new Garia Cars.)  CKD's is an authorized Garia dealer and service center.

Technical: Frame - Premium E-Coated. Rack and pinion steering. Front suspension - Double wishbone suspension made from aluminum with automotive ball joints and coilovers. Rear suspension - Live rear axle mounted with trailing links, Panhard rod and coilovers. Robot-welded aluminum roof structure.

Performance: (Standard) Max forward speed - 15-19 mph. Max reverse speed - 6 mph. (With Speed Switch option) Golf Mode 14 mph, and Sport Mode 25 mph.  Range - (up to) 40 miles (depending on speed, use, weather etc.). Turning radius - 102" (outer circle). Charge time - Approx. 7 hours (for full charge). Brakes - Dual-circuit hydraulic braking system on all wheels. Parking brake - Automatically engaged electromagnetic.  

CKD's offers a Bluetooth stereo system, and various wheel & tire options for Garia Golf Cars.

Models equipped with windshields are street legal in many municipalities. We can also add any necessary items to this cart and most others to meet Galveston Island and League City Golf Cart Ordinance requirements.


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