Custom  Stereo  Systems

We can make it go 'boom'

CKD's offers several different sound configurations for your cart, from basic two or four speaker stereo systems to full-blown 'rock your world' setups.  Even our most basic systems use high-quality, name brand components and provide great sound.  Most of our custom carts will include a Sony 200 watt Bluetooth head unit, and four Sony speakers.  From there, the sky is the limit!


Locking In-Dash Mounting

Shown below is a 200 watt Sony Bluetooth stereo head unit installed in the locking compartment of a custom carbon fiber dash in a Club Car Precedent.  (Also pictured is our custom carbon fiber steering wheel.)

Sony Bluetooth stereo installed in a customized golf cart black metallic dash locking compartment

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Marine Grade Speakers

Our Club Car Precedent stretched limo conversion with (1) pair of 6x9 Sony Marine speakers and (1) pair of Sony Marine 6.5" speakers.  Caught out in the rain?  No problem with this weather-resistant setup!

Sony marine-grade speakers installed in a custom 6 passenger 'limo' golf cart

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Bluetooth Receiver
 Amp & Speakers Kit

Two channel Bluetooth receiver and 140 watt amplifier easily connects to your mobile device.  Mounts behind dash.  Complete with wiring and loom package.  (2) marine-grade speakers complete this weather resistant setup!

Golf cart Bluetooth speaker package from CKD's Golf Carts

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Bluetooth Sound Bar

How about a PowerBass XL-800 Marine Bluetooth Soundbar with 6 full range speakers?!  Handles 300 watts RMS (600 peak.)  Provides especially dynamic sound when mounted overhead as shown.

PowerBass Bluetooth overhead speaker system installed in a custom golf cart

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Subwoofer and Amplifier

Rock it with a Rockford Fosgate Punch 10" subwoofer and a 5 channel, 800 Watt PowerBass amplifier!  Pictured here installed under-seat in one of our 6-passenger carts.

5-channel 800 watt stereo amplifier and 10 inch subwoofer, installed under seat in a custom golf cart

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The PowerBass sound bar is also available in a 400 watt, 8-speaker configuration, the XL-1000. For complete details and specs, please visit the respective pages at the PowerBass website:

Powerbass XL-800

Powerbass XL-1000

Because stock golf carts are boring!

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