We  Can  Satisfy  Your  "Need  For  Speed"

add speed and torque to your electric cart!

High-Speed or High-Torque Motors

High performance golf cart motors from CKDs Golf Carts

Available in several 'flavors' for both Club Car & EZ-GO.

High Output Controllers

Golf cart high speed high amp motor controllers from CKDs Golf Carts


Increasing the amperage to the motor can boost both torque and speed!

Heavy Duty Battery Cables

Heavy duty 4 gauge golf cart battery cables from CKDs Golf Carts


4 gauge battery cable set.  Allows more current to flow.  Especially important when adding a higher amperage controller or a high performance motor, but a worthwhile addition to any electric cart.  Available for most all makes and models of carts.

Did you know?

When modifying your cart with higher output components, there are a few other items that should not be overlooked. All of the stock 6-gauge battery cables should be replaced with larger 4-gauge cables. However, many shops omit 2 other important items, which can become a bottleneck for the increased current draw - the on many cart models the solenoid and the forward/reverse switch should be changed-out for heavier-duty components. On most carts these factory items are made to handle a max of about 350 amps. When upgrading to a 400 or 700 amp controller without installing a heavy duty forward/reverse switch and solenoid, in addition to the potential performance loss there's a significant risk of burning up the stock switch and solenoid!

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